So I found out that this girl that was a bitch to my friends,teachers & almost the whole school a few years back, is now in my school. (FYI she used to make fun of people being “fat”) I was pissed when I saw her up until I realized she got REALLY fat. 😈 Looks like the tables have turned 😈

I don’t want to have a crush anymore! Take him back!!!

I thought there was grass in my bed but it was just my leg


I don’t want Cas to have a separate storyline to the Winchesters like he did last season. We hardly saw them together at all. I want him as a main character who is involved and important and joining in on the angst and the banter. I want the brothers to be concerned about Castiel’s fading Grace and actually do something about it, and I want Cas to help save Dean. I want Team Free Will reunited. I want Cas…

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i have to be funny because being hot is not an option

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Ready for April fools day
Gonna take it to school and eat it

I ate 3/4 of the jar and I made 3 teachers gag and one friend get angry at me.

fuck bro, I thought you were gunna fill all those cups with mayonnaise and hand them out at school and some serious shit was gunna go down

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This is what I love about Winter. You wake up in the middle of the night, maybe just to pee or get water or something, look out the window and see this. It’s so beautiful. And it’s silent; you have no idea that it’s happening until you just look. It almost seems fake. And it makes your bed seem way more comfortable, for whatever reason.

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  • WiFi: connected
  • Me: then fucking act like it